Tuesday, November 07, 2006

A DReaM Project - Monday Nov 06, 2006

Imagine a world where your access to digital content is based on your identity rather than the device you're using. Because in fact, your identity is not tied to any particular point or consumption device. Such is Sun's vision behind digital rights management (DRM) where the focus is on network identity as the place where your rights live and are accessible.

This edition of Innovating@Sun with host Hal Stern welcomes Tom Jacobs, director of research at Sun Labs (a.k.a. voodoo computer scientist) to discuss Project DReaM, Sun's acronym for Digital Rights Management Everywhere Accessible.

An audio podcast highlights how companies compete in technologies, based upon the quality of their implementations, services and pricing. The podcast includes:

  • Hollywood's opinion on the topic and Sun's area of focus – customers in enterprise, healthcare, government, education, finance and securities.
  • Why interoperable content is so important
  • How Microsoft tackles the issue with Vista and Sun tackles it with identity management
  • Reference implementations of code moving into built-in standards
  • What critics and supporters say about Project DReaM
  • Digital rights management as an improved approach to security
  • What the Liberty Alliance community is saying